Sunday, September 9, 2012

1964 Tournament of Roses Parade - Pasadena, California

The Parade theme for 1964 was SYMBOLS OF FREEDOM. I did not color correct or do do anything tothese photos other than crop a little of the corners. I tried to properly note the float or the sponsor of the float but it can be hard to tell.

Beverly Hillbillies Float

Beverly Hillbillies Float Full View

Unknown Float - First Prize Winner

Dollar Float

Assorted Floats

Either North or South Gate Float

Peanuts/Security Float

Washington Statehood Float

San Gabriel Float

Gone Fishin' Huckleberry Finn Float

Arcadia/Tripolis Float

San Diego City-County Float

Unishpere Float

Unknown Float

National Rifle Association Float

Lutheran Brotherhood Float

Faith-Hope-Charity Float

Smokey Bear Float

Statue of Liberty/Alhambra Float

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