Friday, March 4, 2011

San Francisco, California by Charles Cushman

These are some images from the city of San Francisco, California. These photos were taken by Charles Cushman on his various trips to San Francisco. The photos range from 1940 to 1967.

Some information on Charles Cushman from the UI website:
Charles W. Cushman, who graduated from Indiana University in 1917, bequeathed to the university some of his photographic equipment, his notebooks, and his entire collection of photographs, shot between 1917 and 1969. Upon Mr. Cushman's death in 1972, most of his photographs were sent to the University Archives and placed in storage. Mr. Cushman's widow, Elizabeth, donated to the University in 1989 additional photographic equipment and some photographs shot in the late 1960s. The Indiana University Foundation gave them to the School of Journalism, where they remained until fall 1999, when they were reunited with the rest of the collection at the University Archives.

See the entire Charles Cushman collection (with thousands of archived photos) here. Clicking on the images will  send you to my flick site with all of the information.

The San Francisco Treat

Mother and Daughter

Little Flowers of Nippon on Japanese Day - San Francisco, California

Gayway at Night - Golden Gate International Expo - San Francisco, California

Federal Building at the Golden Gate International Exposition - San Francisco, California

Turnabout is Fair Play - San Francisco, California

Making Daisy Chains in Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, California

Lunch at Marina Green

There's Something Seedy Going On Here

Ingrid and the Amazing Green Bottle

Truly Sexsational

A Trip to the Stars


Haight Street Hippies - San Francisco, California

Hippies at Haight and Masonic - San Francisco, California

Hippies on Haight - San Francisco, California

Haight Street Hippies - San Francisco, California

Haight Street Hippie - San Francisco, California

The Haight of Fashion

Haight Street Hippies - San Francisco, California

Haight Street Hippie - San Francisco, California

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