Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Chance, Colorado

Boring Postcard #010: Last Chance, Colorado

The back of this postcard reads:
U.S. Highway 36
In early pioneer days, legend tells us that this small settlement was destroyed by prairie fires and/or Indians on three different occasions. After rebuilding the third time the settles remarked, "This is the Last Chance this place has. " Thus the name "Last Chance", which is still a welcome oasis on the Colorado Plains.
Never more than just a last stop for gas and supplies on the road east to Kansas or heading west to Denver, Last Chance was established in 1925 and saw its glory days in the 1940s and 1950s. There were a few scattered houses, a hotel, a motel/gas station, a cafe, and Dairy King 
Unfortunately, Last Chance is out of last chances. It's not technically a ghost town, but it certainly isn't a thriving metropolis. The town population began a steady decline after Interstate 70 was built south of town. The last census listed 13 people.
June 25, 2012 sparks caused by a driver with a loose tire ignited a fire that burned much of the area. There's not going to be a YouTube link for the day. Instead, watch a video on the town of Last Chance.

In The Heart of Downtown's Motel Postcard of the Day:

Manger Towne & Country Motor Lodge - Savannah, Georgia
                            Manger Towne and Country Motor Lodge - Savannah, Georgia

U.S. Highway 17 and 17A, 4 Miles South Savannah, Georgia A resort in miniature, with pool, fishing lake and play area. Superbly furnished; air-conditioned; TV in every room; Harvest House Restaurant.

The building is still standing but I cannot figure out the name of this place. It was raining like crazy on the day of the Google Maps shoot and I can't read the sign. The most interesting thing about this place is that the Rolling Stones stayed (and drank) at the Manger Towne and Country while on tour in 1965.
QSL Corner
KBEV-0439 - April Showers, Tootsie Pop & Fringe Benefits - Lehighton, Pennsylvania
April Showers, Tootsie Pop and Fringe Benefits
I am not even sure I can comprehend what it is going on here. My brain just won't let me piece the puzzle together. When I start getting close I start hearing a low moan and my vision gets fuzzy.


What Makes The Pie Shops Ticker: Oh man, what I wouldn't give to have one of  these chairs...N'ICE lozenges? I haven't thought about those in years....I ate at the Magnolia Cafe (Austin, Texas) back in October of 2011 and loved it...Averyl has a great eye and amazing luck finds these things....You should also see her blog...Visual evidence of the extremely weird love affair of Arlene Francis and her wooden friend....Dear Twinkie the Kid and Friends, I wish you would light up my life. The news and notes are going to be short today because I am super late getting this posted. The end.

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