Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1959 Phillies Official Score Card - Aug 21, 1959 (Game 1 of a Doubleheader)

This is a scorecard from the first game of a doubleheader between the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies. The final was 6-0 San Francisco. The heros of the game for the Giants were Orlando Cepeda and Daryl Spencer. The losing pitcher in the game was Hall of Famer Robin Roberts.

Here is the box score from that game.

1959 Phillies Official Score Card - Aug 21, 1959 Game 1 of a Doubleheader

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Key Bowling Centers

Better makins Marlboro

Speck Cadillac Oldsmobile

Treat Yourself to Ortliebs

Cool Off

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Ortlieb's - The Wet Beer

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